«Flamenco is a genuine Spanish art.»

A combination of dance, song, and guitar, the art draws from both mysterious Gypsy tradition and age-old Andalusian music.
During your personalized lesson, you will learn the fundamentals of flamenco: we start by explaining the different rhythms and practice clapping with live guitar. Gradually, we begin to move our feet to the rhythm and add our arms and, before we know it, we’re moving to a Bulería! Each class varies according to interests and age, and children get special attention and learn quickly. Don’t let this legendary art form intimidate you; if you stick with us, you’ll be a bailaor in no time!

Tell us what your special interest is and we can arrange it.

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Private Flamenco lesson in Sevilla
Private Flamenco lesson in Sevilla
Private Flamenco lesson in Sevilla
Private Flamenco lesson in Sevilla

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