Las Alpujarras, Southern Spain

Spain Private Tours

Spain private tours. Planning a trip to a new destination can be a difficult task not knowing the best places or the complete offer of the destination. Therefore, it is very helpful to have the opinion and advice of someone who knows firsthand the destination you want to travel to. In this way, you save time and have the security and assurance that the places you visit, the tours and the experiences are the best. 


Private tours are an excellent option for these cases in which the destination is unknown. With them you have the opportunity to make the trip to suit you, according to your tastes and preferences. Being personalized, they are unique trips, so no one else will have a similar experience. These private tours allow you to know the destination without being hurried and being able to explore the places thoroughly and get to know their inhabitants up close.  At Espiritu Travel, we have designed a series of examples, these trips are fully customizable and only serve as examples to give you idea of places you would like visit while in Spain.


Each experience and visit is designed to immerse you in an aspect of Spanish culture, hand in hand with the professionals of each sector and the most emblematic or representative places of each region.

Cultural Journey

With this tour you will get to know Spain and Spanish culture through one of its most precious treasures: its Mediterranean cuisine. You can visit different cities in which to taste the delicacies of each region.


The Basque Country and specifically San Sebastian is the capital of pintxos (the Basque word for tapas.) The food in the Basque Country has an excellent reputation; With the passage of time, its quality has only improved and its geographical situation guarantees fresh ingredients. Proof of this, are its famous restaurants with Michelin stars to which many Spaniards from other parts of the country visit exclusively to the Basque Country to try.


The Michelin star system is the only one that assesses the quality, creativity and care of the dishes of the restaurants and the guide to which everyone aspires to belong someday. The Michelin Guide is of French origin and is published annually. In 1920, the stars appeared for the first time, which began to be awarded to restaurants that excel in the parameters established by the judges.


The system by which the stars are awarded remains absolutely secret, as does the identity of its judges. These go anonymously to restaurants, posing as a guest like any other. They eat at the restaurant and, months later, the establishments to which they have been awarded a star are published. A restaurant can receive up to 3 stars: 1 indicates that it is a very good restaurant in its category; 2 point out first class quality in their type of cuisine and 3 stars indicate an exceptional cuisine that justifies the trip in itself.


We make a brief review of the restaurants with Michelin stars in the Basque Country, one of the stops of this private tour. Chef Juan Mari Arzak’s restaurant in Donostia is a legend. With three Michelin stars it is already the fourth generation of chefs who have taken over the restaurant. In the restaurant,  you can taste what they refer to as «Basque cuisine open to the world». Throughout the years, they have managed to turn going to dinner at their restaurant in a unique and unforgettable experience, they take care of even the smallest detail: the customer service, the decoration, the linens or the atmosphere that is breathed inside. Therefore, your visit is closely linked to the philosophy of Espíriu Travel, since it is fundamentally about offering unique and special experiences.

Another restaurant that also has 3 Michelin stars is a restaurant that takes the name of its chef: Martín Berasategui. This prestigious chef has accumulated eight Michelin stars in his career, so eating in his restaurant is an invitation to absolute enjoyment and a trip to the very essence of flavor.

Spain Private tours: Michelin Stars

«With this tour we learned about the most authentic cuisine in Spain. It was a wonderful journey in which we went our own way and we really enjoyed everything we did «


Another destination during this tour is La Rioja, the capital par excellence of the wines, which take the name of this region. Here wine tourism is focused on wine production areas. La Rioja offers the most spectacular landscapes with kilometers and kilometers of vineyards.


The wines of this region acquire the designation of origin of La Rioja wine, that is, the certification that the wine has been produced in that region and, therefore, fulfills a certain set of characteristics: they are fresh, aromatic wines, with a balanced composition and an excellent bouquet, the aroma that the wine gives off after shaking it vigorously in the glass and that it has acquired during its aging.


Many of the wineries of La Rioja can be visited, which allows us to know in first person the fascinating process of wine production, from the hand of its producers, to know its ins and outs and the place where it ages until it acquires the quality that you will later taste.


The attraction of the wineries of this region has increased in recent years and has made the buildings of the wineries real works of art, which proliferate cozy hotels and restaurants and that the villages in the vicinity become charming places. Therefore, visiting this region and its wineries becomes an experience that allows you to know the world of wine in a different and unique way.


With private visits to the wineries, exclusive dinners for you and your companion in cozy hotels and restaurants, this is a trip through the most representative regions of the national gastronomic scene with which you can savor the most special flavors of La Rioja, Madrid, Barcelona and the Basque Country.

In Spain private tours we can make a booking in the best restaurants just for you.

Spain private tours: The Soul of Spain

This tour is designed for lovers of history and culture that surrounds each city. Spain, thanks to its long history, has a cultural greatness like few other countries. Therefore, take a historical tour of the cities that have witnessed the passage of time and different generations is the ideal way to learn the history of each. The soul of Spain is its people, its history, its culture and its art.


«Touring Barcelona from the eyes of Gaudí and discovering the corners of Spain at the hand of its history and culture has been an unforgettable experience. And all without waiting for lines, without schedules and doing what we wanted at all times «

Spain Private tours: Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most famous cities when you create a Spain private tours. An interesting proposal is to appreciate the city from its historical and architectural perspective. The Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí left his particular mark in Barcelona, ​​so a tour of the Catalan capital taking as reference the different constructions of the architect turns Barcelona into a work of art in itself. During this experience, the traveler can discover at each step, spectacular buildings among the most contemporary constructions.


Antoni Gaudí was the best representative of Catalan modernism. He had a great imaginative capacity and to project his works both functionally and decoratively as well as structurally. In addition, he was able to integrate into his works a whole series of handicrafts that he himself mastered to perfection, such as ceramics, glassware, or the iron forge among others.


His most outstanding works in Barcelona are of the most varied: the Vicens, Batlló or Milà houses are a stop rather than recommended and that, inevitably, make those who see them for the first time be enraptured for a few minutes for their beauty and their Level of detail. The Güell Park, as its name suggests, is a park that maintains the essence of the architect in its structure, colors and design of the architectural elements.


Another destination on this tour is Madrid, the capital of Spain,  the perfect place to experience the culture and gastronomy of the best establishments, and where you can enjoy enjoying a private tour guide. In Madrid there is the most important concentration of museums with the three most important art museums in the city: The Prado Museum, The Thyssen-Bornemisza and the Reina Sofía Museum.


A day tour from Madrid can be Toledo, south of the capital. A city in which three cultures have coexisted (the Japanese, the Christian and the Jewish), and which have made it one of the cities with the greatest historical and cultural burden in Spain. His wealth in both buildings and spectacular landscapes has made many call it «The Imperial City».


As you move away from the city center and reach a higher point, the view offered by the city is a gift for the eye: the Tagus River borders the entire city, which is situated high, so that the view It resembles what could be a fairy tale landscape.


After visiting the north and center of the peninsula, it is time to discover the south: Córdoba, the fifth largest city in Spain with the greatest cultural attraction; Granada, with a private visit of the city and Alhambra, declared a cultural heritage by UNESCO; Ronda, the Andalusian city that captivated the famous writer Ernest Hemingway on his visit to Spain and, finally, Seville and Jerez de la Frontera, two of the most representative cities in southern Spain.

Spain private tours: Jewels of the South

Andalusia is the most extensive and most populated territory in Spain private tours. Its cultural, artistic and gastronomic attributes are the result of a long and intense history. In Andalusia, the last Muslim stronghold remained for a long time after its invasion of the peninsula. In fact, for many years it took the Arabic name «Al-Ándalus» and occupied almost the entire territory of the peninsula. For this reason, it is in Andalusia where some of the most representative constructions of the Muslim occupancy of the country are located, which, thanks to an excellent conservation work, can be contemplated practically in the same state as when they were built.


«We had a lot of desire to know Andalusia, but we did not know what route to do or what things were worth seeing with the time we had. We can not be happier to have done this tour, which has allowed us to know Andalusia the way we wanted «


During this tour, it is possible to know the most special and less crowded corners of Andalusia, the region that has been home to three different religions throughout its history: the Christian, Jewish and Muslim. Three religions that have influenced the cultural richness that counts today.


Seville, Jerez, Ronda, Antequera, Granada and Córdoba are the most representative cities of this tour. Some of them are more familiar than others, so from Spirit Travel we want to discover new places and a different facet of the destination that perhaps changes the previous idea you had.


Andalusia is a land of olive groves, olives and olive oil: it has 175 million olive trees on 1.5 million hectares. It supposes more than 60% of the olive trees and land dedicated to the olive grove of Spain, so a visit to the olive groves is more than recommended. As with wine, in the oil there are also designations of origin, the certifications that guarantee the quality and origin of the product.


In Seville, it is possible to organize a private tour through a traditional hacienda and olive grove.  During this visit, you will learn of the manual olive picking and the oil production process. Of course you can taste its excellent olive oil. The best way to know the quality of this typical Spanish product and specifically Andalusia, and know the care and dedication that its producers devote to each harvest and each production is to try it and see it in first person.

Spain Private Tours: Sevilla

Jerez de la Frontera is the city of equestrian art, an art that, although unknown to many, is one of the wonders of Andalusia and Spain as a whole. It is a discipline in which the horse and its rider become one, making figures and movements that resemble an elegant dance accompanied, as it could not be otherwise, of Andalusian music.


For this reason we could not miss the visit to the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art to see and experience in first person the greatness of this art and the time and effort required to reach the level of finesse and elegance of the riders. The best way to do it is by attending a demonstration of this art and also of the hitch, another discipline within the equestrian art with horse carriages as protagonists.


Jerez also produces one of the best known wines of Spain, the wine of Jerez. It is a sweet wine, with more body, ideal to pair appetizers or even desserts. Tasting this wine after a private visit to one of its wineries is a unique experience that you cannot miss.


Antequera is another of the selected destinations for this Andalusian tour. One of its most important attractions is the Caminito del Rey, a step built on the walls of a gorge, in which the views are spectacular and the experience unforgettable. Another visit inside Antequera is the archaeological site of the Dolmens, the most spectacular rock monuments, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Granada is known worldwide for the Alhambra, a historical monument with a waiting list of months to visit it. Visiting it is an experience that remains etched in the memory forever, a delight for the eyes and the intellect. In our Spain private tours we can arrange the tickets for this amazing monument.

Spain Private tours Alhambra

These tours will make you live an unforgettable experience in Spain and will allow you to know the country in the best possible way. Espíritu can design a trip that fits perfect with your specific interests.   Let’s get started planning your trip to Spain!