A Basque-style mini Paris, San Sebastian has long been the center of a heated debate: is it the foodie capital of the world?

Here at Espíritu Travel, we’re leaning towards yes — the city boasts more Michelin stars per capita than any other city, after all, and houses some of the world’s top-rated restaurants. But eating doesn’t have to be an expensive habit. What makes San Sebastian so intriguing as a foodie city is its everyday bites.

These snacks have a name: pintxos, which is really a just a fancy word for tapas pinched with a stick. Some are expensive, some are cheap and most run somewhere in between, but you can get them at practically any bar or restaurant around the city, meaning pack your baggiest trousers!

Besides the mouthwatering food scene, it’s easy to fall in love with San Sebastian. Why? Because, simply put, it’s gorgeous. The city is famous for its beautiful Playa de la Concha and trekking up the surrounding hills will offer awe-inspiring views of this emblematic shell-shaped bay.

It’s easy to get lost in the stunning beaches and tapas bars, but don’t forget about Old Town, the lively historical neighborhood where you can revel in art nouveau buildings, charming boutiques and family-owned bars and restaurants.

San Sebastian

Sagrado Corazon de Jesus statue on top of Monte Urgull

Tabakalera, a former tobacco factory turned cultural center

Santa Clara island, a 10-minute boat ride from the city

The peacocks at the Parque de Cristina Enea

San Telmo Museoa

Famous metal sculptures in El Peine del Viento

Fishing village of Hondarribia

Bilbao, home of the Guggenheim

France (yup, Biarritz is just a short drive away)

The Sanctuary of Arantzazu church, perched on a cliff above the sea

San Sebastian
San Sebastian
San Sebastian
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San Sebastian

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San Sebastian